Why we chose the Ponseti Method

There were a number of reasons we chose to get Anthony treated using the Ponseti method. Our research led us to conclude the following:

1. The Ponseti method does not involve surgery, except for a tenotomy (in some cases) which is a minor procedure

2. Research showed that some patients who had surgery tended to suffer from scarring, stiffness, arthritis etc. later in life

3. Research showed that patients treated using the Ponseti method do not suffer the same effects compared to those treated with surgery

4. The Ponseti method has an extremely high success rate with patients leading normal lives with fully functional, pain free feet. Dr Ponseti’s success in treating clubfeet spans over 50 years.

5. The Ponseti method did not appear to be painful.

6. The Ponseti method appeared to be very natural – with the feet being gently manipulated into the correct position

7. We thought that we should try the Ponseti method, as if I didn’t work, then surgery would always be an option for later. If we did surgery first, then the Ponseti method would no longer be an option.

8. We knew our baby would be in casts, but only for a matter of weeks and then in a brace, but this seemed insignificant compared to possibly a lifetime of pain if we followed the surgery route.

    For more information:

    John Herzenberg


    Dr Ponseti’s website. Lots of information for parents of children with clubfeet.

    Ponseti User Group. A UK based organisation for the study and use of the Ponseti method for the treatment of clubfoot.

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