Anthony's Treatment

  • March 04 - Found out at routine 20 week scan that baby had clubfeet
  • Referred to St George’s hospital in Tooting for further scans and amnio test – 2 weeks later, all test results clear
  • At 30 weeks, had further scan to see if any signs of neurological damage – clear
  • Did tons of research – mainly on the internet – decided we wanted our child to be treated using the Ponseti method
  • Why we chose the Ponseti method
  • Sought out a Ponseti trained consultant – met with him and he agreed to treat our baby when he was born
  • Began to feel hopeful that our baby would one day be able to walk

The birth

  • Felt absolutely terrified about how I would feel when I saw the baby
  • Scared I would ‘reject’ him when I saw his deformed feet
  • This worried me more than anything else

But he was absolutely gorgeous!!!


....with 2 lovely clubfeet!!



Round 1 of treatment

  • Treatment started when Anthony was 2 days old
  • Weekly casts for 8 weeks
  • Many casts slipped & needed redoing
  • We began to have concerns at about week 5
  • Tenotomy / 3 week casts at 7 weeks
  • Casts did not look as expected – frequently slipping
  • Feet could barely be abducted
  • Very limited dorsiflexion
  • Progress had stalled, yet we were preparing for a tenotomy

We felt our concerns were not taken on board – and that we were considered as troublesome internet parents! ….So we emailed photos to Dr Ponseti in America

Response from Dr Ponseti:

  • Atypical clubfeet - short, stubby feet, puffy over the top deep medial side crease to the sole
  • Atypical clubfeet often slip out of casts, even after tenotomy
  • Strongly advised we ask Miss Naomi Davis (consultant in paediatric orthopaedic surgery) to treat Anthony
  • Unlikely to do well in Markell shoe – recommended Mitchell’s

‘Atypical clubfeet’ was not something we had come across before in our research – we were worried, but glad someone had been able to address why Anthony’s feet were not responding as expected

Our consultant had not recognised that Anthony had atypical clubfeet – so tried to carry on in the hope his feet would improve in the boots and bar –we were glad we spoke to Dr Ponseti when we did, and did not try and get ‘uncorrected’ feet into Markell shoes

We were thankful that there was someone who hopefully would be able to help Anthony ...

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